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  • Powerful effect

    6-month package

    3 Alluramin packages (plus 3 free!) - in total 6 packages

    Powerful effect package is enough for 6 months of seducing women. After this period, your body will somehow remember the smell of pheromones and start to produce them. These behavior altering chemicals are the driving force behind all sexual attraction.

    354 $ $177 for a 6-pack (in total 6 packages)

  • frequently chosen


    3-month package

    2 Alluramin packages (plus 1 free!) - in total 3 packages

    Recommended package is enough for 3 months of attracting women. During this time you'll pick up more girls than last year! Science is sexy!

    177 $ $117 for a 3-pack (in total 3 packages)

  • Starter

    1 month package

    1 Alluramin package

    Do you want to try out how pheromones work? Experience the increased women attention. Create sexual chemistry on demand. After two weeks you will order another package!

    $ $59 for 1 month package (1 package)

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  • Safety

    Alluramin contains 100% natural ingredients that are healthy for the skin. Specially designed formula makes our product adequate to be used together with other perfumes.

  • Confidentiality

    Your privacy is our priority - we do not sell or share your personal information with other companies. We are a serious company that is serious about its Customers.

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